{Left side refers to driver side & Right side refers to passenger side}
Limited Quantity Available For Audi and Volkswagen Parts.Minimum of $25 per order.

{Also, several of these parts have multiple styles and part #’s for the same application.}
{Most of these parts have shelf ware} (bends, dings etc.)

  OEM Number Description Price  
  010-409-196 PINION GEAR $4.05  
  026-133-643 VACUUM HOSE $7.31  
  026-133-837 FILTER BOX    
  034-103-247-G HOSE $11.52  
  034-109-021-P CAMSHAFT $340.85  
  034-155-105-A PUMP OIL $150.05  
  034-131-503-A EGR VALVE $147.74  
  035-105-232-R PLATE DRV $213.35  
  035-109-021 CAMSHAFT    
  035-109-021-H CAMSHAFT $323.56  
  035-109-021-L CAMSHAFT    
  035-121-061-B RADIATOR HOSE $7.67  
  035-121-096-B HOSE WATER    
  035-121-106-B RADIATOR HOSE    
  035-121-447 HOSE TRANS    
  035-145-735 OIL PIPE $99.00  
  035-145-805-E COOLER INNER    
  035-905-383-N CONTROL UNIT    
  035-905-383-T CONTROL UNIT    
  049-133-357-A BOOT AIR INT $54.38  
  049-133-367-B VACUUM HOSE $4.77  
  049-133-379-A AIR BOX GASKET $3.98  
  056-105-269-N FLYWHEEL $143.10  
  056-919-369-T PIPE THERMO    
  067-133-855-B HOSE AIR    
  069-129-627-A BOOT AIR INT    
  69-145-097-A PUMP VAC    
  069-145-735 OIL LINE $37.26  
  069-145-771-A OIL LINE $36.32  
  113-501-243 BUSHING $15.27  
  Pic OEM Number Description Price  
    1358776 SENDER FUEL $37.26  
    171-837-209-A GASKET 0.40  
    321-419-549 BOILT SHEET $1.31  
    321-819-045-B CONTROLS $25.61  
    321-827-511-A STRIKER $3.35  
    431-121-195-C SHROUD FAN $33.46  
    431-260-105-B EVAPORATOR    
    431-399-113-C BRACKET    
    431-399-114-C BRACKET    
    431-505-173-B ROD PANHARD    
    431-711-181-C LEVER SHIFT $31.97  
    431-721-975-A LINKAGE    
    431-721-979 BUSH    
    431-805-617-B-01C LF SPOILER    
    431-820-043-A-01Z AIR CONDITIONER CONTROL    
    431-821-021-J FENDER    
    431-823-305 HOOD HINGE $21.26  
  Deck Lid 431-827-023-B
Years: 81-83 (Audi 5000)
DECK LID (Oversized 3)
    431-827-565-A TRUNK LOCK    
    431-853-139 CLIP    
    431-853-651-C-01C GRILLE RAD    
    431-853-683-A MOULDING    
    431-853-684-A MOULDING    
    431-853-927 MOULDING $25.70  
    431-862-565-A TRUNK LOCK    
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  OEM Number Description Price  
    431-898-550 PIN KIT $5.11  
    431-907-345-A PICK UP    
    431-955-113-K WIPER MOTOR    
    431-959-802-B WIN. REGULATOR MOTOR    
    431-959-887 FUSE THERMO    
    432-271-627 SERVO A/C    
    433-807-105-A BUMPER FRT    
    433-807-272-A SHOCK BMPR    
    433-807-303 BUMPER END    
    433-807-304 BUMPER END    
    433-820-043-B-01Z AIR CONDITIONER CONTR    
  Left Side Door 433-831-051-B
Years: 80-83 (Audi 5000)
Left Side Front DOOR
(Call for Shipping Price)
  Right Side Front Door 433-831-052-B
Years: 80-83 (Audi 5000)
Right Side Front DOOR
(Call for Shipping Price)
    433-831-401-A HINGE DOOR    
  Right Side Rear Door 433-833-052-D
Years: 80-83 (audi 5000)
Right Side Rear DOOR
(Call for Shipping Price)
    433-837-239 TRIM CHROME $1.64  
    433-837-605-A VENT WDW    
    433-837-606-A VENT WINDOW    
    433-839-205-A HANDLE DOOR    
    433-853-509 MOULDING $21.85  
    433-853-509-C MOULDING    
    433-853-510 MOULDING $8.48  
    433-853-510-C MOULDING    
    433-853-516 MOULDING    
    433-853-739 MOULDING $7.72  
    433-853-753 MOULDING    
    433-853-754 MOULDING    
    433-953-157-A- TURN SIGNAL LIGHT LAMP    
    433-953-158-A TURN SIGNAL LIGHT LAMP    
    433-959-761 SEAT MOTOR $132.12  
    435-853-767 MOULDING    
    435-862-055 TRUNK LOCK $23.56  
    437-807-237-03C FILLER    
    437-238-03C FILLER    
  OEM Number Description Price  
  437-821-021-A FENDER    
  437-821-022-A FENDER    
  437-853-683-A MOULDING    
  437-853-684-A MOULDING    
  437-853-687 MOULDING    
  437-853-737 MOULDING    
  437-941-822 BOX FUSE $91.28  
  437-945-221-B BULB HOLDER $41.09  
  437-945-222-B BULB HOLDER    
  441-807-300-C NUT    
  443-399-313-J SUB FRAME    
  443-412-023 HOUSING ABS    
  443-500-047 AXLE REAR    
  443-500-051-AA AXLE REAR    
  443-505-175 ROD    
  443-601-025-A-Y7Y WHEEL    
  443-807-169 STONE GUARD    
  443-807-207-A BRACKET $10.67  
  443-807-243-B-90E MLDG CTR    
  443-807-243-E MLDG CHROME    
  443-807-259-E MLDG LF    
  443-807-260-B-90E MOULDING RG    
  443-807-260-E MOULDING RF    
  443-807-279 NUT SPEED    
  443-807-305-E-GRU COVER REAR    
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  OEM Number Description Price  
    443-807-459-E MLDG LR    
    443-807-460-E MOULDING RR $22.21  
    443-809-411-A HOUSING    
    443-809-412-A HOUSING    
  Left Side Panel 443-809-605-D
Years: 84-88 (Audi 5000)
(Call for Shipping Price)
  Right Side Panel 443-809-606-D
Years: 84-88 (Audi 5000)
Right Side PANEL QTR
(Call for Shipping Price)
    443-809-851-E HOUSING    
    443-813-308-C PANEL REAR $66.56  
    443-820-535-A SENSOR A/C    
    443-820-837-B HEATER CABLE    
    443-821-106-B DMG FENDER    
    443-821-138 BRACKET    
    443-821-172-C WHEEL HOUSING    
    443-823-407 PIN    
    443-823-489-A SPRING    
    443-823-597-A SLEEVE $1.13  
    443-823-743 GROMMET    
    443-827-563-A CAP $1.40  
  Right Side Door Front 443-831-052
Years: 84-88 (Audi 5000)
Right Side DOOR (Oversized 2)
    443-831-401 HINGE    
    443-831-722-L-01C SEAL DOOR    
    443-833-721-L-01C SEAL DOOR    
    443-833-711-L-01C SEAL DOOR    
    443-837-016-L DOOR LOCK    
    443-837-249-C CHECKSTRAP    
    443-839-397-B REGULATOR $175.88  
    443-839-397-D REGULATOR $94.50  
    443-839-398-D REGULATOR $94.50  
    443-845-021-G DOOR GLASS    
  Pic OEM Number Description Price  
    443-845-025-G DOOR GLASS    
    443-845-026-G DOOR GLASS    
    443-853-215-B TRIM    
    443-853-216-B TRIM    
    443-853-345-D-2ZZ MOULDING    
    443-853-346-C MOULDING    
    443-853-377-C-01C MOULDING    
    443-853-278-C-01C MOULDING    
    443-853-447 MOULDING    
    443-853-711 MOULDING $9.02  
    443-853-825-A CLIP    
    443-853-971-D-01C MOULDING $44.75  
    443-853-972-D-01C MOULDING    
    443-857-535-N REARVIEW MIRROR GLASS $39.80  
    443-862-257-B PUMP VAC $205.74  
    443-877-151-B GUIDE LIFT $29.76  
    443-877-277 SPRING $2.57  
    443-905-881-A BOLT SHEET $0.90  
    443-907-305 BRAIN $225.45  
    443-907-381 BRAIN SEAT    
    443-907-393-K RELAY $112.53  
    443-919-049-P SENDER FUEL $58.64  
    443-919-082 RELAY    
  HEADLIGHT DOOR 443-941-626
Audi 5000
    443-945-221 BULB HOLDER    
    443-953-053 SOCKET    
    443-955-523 SENSOR    
    443-955-985-A NOZZLE    
    443-959-561-A-01C SUNROOF SWITCH $37.77  
    443-959-801-G MOTOR    
    443-959-802-G MOTOR    
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  OEM Number Description Price  
  443-959-859-01C LOCK OUT    
  444-857-536-N REARVIEW MIRROR GLASS $35.06  
  447-121-293-B GUIDE AIR $18.77  
  447-601-025-D-Y7Y WHEEL    
  447-807-113-B BUMPER    
  447-823-029-F HOOD $265.82  
  447-853-674-C CLIP    
  447-853-683-B MOULDING    
  447-853-684-B MOULDING $28.01  
  447-853-711-B MOULDING    
  447-853-713-B MOULDING    
  447-853-971-D-01C MOULDING $44.07  
  447-853-972-D-01C MOULDING $44.07  
  447-959-493-B RESISTOR    
  4A0-501-117 STUB AXLE    
  803-260-749-B O RING $0.36  
  803-711-279-E BUSH $1.15  
  811-121-207-B SHROUD FAN    
  811-407-271-AA SHAFT AXLE    
  811-407-272-Q SHAFT AXLE    
  811-411-327-A BUSH INNER $1.64  
  811-412-025-F HOUSING L $175.22  
  811-412-025-H HOUSING L    
  811-412-026-F HOUSING R $175.22  
  811-412-026-H HOUSING R    
  811-419-063-A STEER. RACK GEAR MANU    
  811-419-063-F STEER. RACK GEAR MANU    
  811-419-063-H STEER. RACK GEAR MANU    
  811-601-025-Q-Y7Y WHEEL    
  811-601-147 WHEEL HUBCAP    
  811-805-571-J SUPPORT    
  811-805-617-A SPOILER    
  811-807-109-H BUMPER FRT $248.44  
  Pic OEM Number Description Price  
VW Passat
    811-807-169-01C STONE GUARD $4.88  
    811-807-170-01C STONE GUARD $4.88  
    811-807-238-E-01C FILLER RF $27.02  
    811-807-249-B  CLIP BMPR    
    811-807-259-B FILLER LF    
    811-807-443-C FILLER MOLD $54.68  
    811-807-460-B FILLER MOLD $41.58  
    811-807-477-E BRACKET    
    811-807-577-C NUT SPEED $0.33  
    811-809-692 STONE GUARD    
    811-819-045-A CONTROLS    
    811-819-837-E HEATER CABLE    
    811-820-045-B CONTROLS $107.43  
    811-821-172 WHEEL HOUSING    
    811-823-029 DMG HOOD    
    811-823-029 DMG HOOD    
  Lid Rear 811-827-023
Years: 79-84 (Audi 4000)
LID REAR (Oversized 3)
  Lid Rear 811-827-023-F
Years: 85-87 (Audi 4000)
LID REAR (Oversized 3)
    811-827-299 HINGE L    
    811-827-299-F HINGE L    
    811-827-300-G HINGE R    
    811-877-152 GUIDE R $11.50  
    811-877-306 CABLE R $20.70  
    811-877-351-B CHANNEL L $29.98  
    811-877-352-B CHANNEL $29.98  
    811-877-403-A SUNROOF GEAR $38.57  
    811-919-551-A GAUGE PRESS    
    811-953-053-E BULB HOLDER $5.69  
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  OEM Number Description Price  
    811-957-901 BOX EGR $68.34  
  Right Side Panel 813-809-606-H
Years: 85-87 (Audi 4000)
Right Side Panel QTR
(Call for Shipping Price)
    813-837-605-A VENT WINDOW    
    813-837-606-A VENT WINDOW    
    813-941-626-C HEADLIGHT DOOR    
    823-411-333-C CLAMP OUTER $2.39  
    855-412-026-C HOUSING R $198.56  
    855-805-571-F SUPPORT CORE    
    855-821-021-F FENDER    
    855-821-021-K DMG FENDER    
    855-821-022-F FENDER    
    855-821-022-K FENDER $158.58  
    855-821-022-K DMG FENDER    
  Lid Rear 855-827-023-D
Years: 81-87 (Sport Coupe)
LID REAR (Oversized 2)
    855-821-022-A FENDER    
    857-827-933-B-01C SPOILER    
  OEM Number Description Price  
  893-121-207 AIR DUCT $49.01  
  893-201-238-B FUEL LINE    
  893-260-701-D AIR COND. LINE $105.77  
  893-611-301-A RESERVOIR    
  893-862-153-A SERVO VAC $16.70  
  894-611-349 BRAKE FLUID CAP $9.14  
  895-505-235 SUB FRAME    
  895-807-289 STRAP $3.08  
  N-100-917-01 STUD EXH $4.16  
  N-14-131-3 BOLT L/P    
  N-900-151-01 NUT $1.28  
  N-900-431-01 O RING $0.77  
  N-900-432-01 O RING $0.59  
  N-902-742-01 BOLT    
  N-903-352-07 CONNECTOR $0.54  
  N-904-691-01 NUT L/P $0.37  
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